Today in our world there are many different, odd superstitions out there. One common superstition is the “Knock on wood.” Usually when someone says to knock on wood it’s because you said something that could potentially be bad luck. An example of this could superstition could be a sports game, say soccer. If your teammate is about to take a penalty kick, and you say “Don’t miss,” if that person misses then it will be your fault because you didn’t knock on wood. Another superstition could one that supports your team. Some people think that it is bad luck if you don’t do something crazy in order to support your team. So some fans just wear there team’s jersey, some paint letters onto their chest, some throw a big party to watch the “Big game,” and more. Honestly, I believe that supersition is stupid because it doesn’t matter what you say or the things that you do at home, but rather if that person who is kicking the pk or the team your rooting for performs well.


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