Things that I discovered about myself over the weekend

Over this past weekend, I discovered that I can live a whole weekend withought my parents being there. On Thursday/ Friday, my parents went to my grandpa’s house. My dad went to help grandpa ifx up the house while my mom wnt to see and talk to her mom who is in the nursing home. So meanwhile, I had to survive without them for the weekend. Luckily, I was able to stay at my girlfriends’ house for more than half the time. I had a great weekend but I did miss my parents a lot so I was happy when they came back home on Sunday afternoon. My dad came back before my soccer game since he is the coach and needed to be there. I ended up doing fairly well, scoring 2 goals and having 1 assist in our 9-2 victory. I was thrilled about our win because we had lost our last game undeservingly. I had a great weekend with my girlfriend and then my family on Sunday.


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