Things that I discovered about myself over the weekend

Over this past weekend, I discovered that I can live a whole weekend withought my parents being there. On Thursday/ Friday, my parents went to my grandpa’s house. My dad went to help grandpa ifx up the house while my mom wnt to see and talk to her mom who is in the nursing home. So meanwhile, I had to survive without them for the weekend. Luckily, I was able to stay at my girlfriends’ house for more than half the time. I had a great weekend but I did miss my parents a lot so I was happy when they came back home on Sunday afternoon. My dad came back before my soccer game since he is the coach and needed to be there. I ended up doing fairly well, scoring 2 goals and having 1 assist in our 9-2 victory. I was thrilled about our win because we had lost our last game undeservingly. I had a great weekend with my girlfriend and then my family on Sunday.



Today in our world there are many different, odd superstitions out there. One common superstition is the “Knock on wood.” Usually when someone says to knock on wood it’s because you said something that could potentially be bad luck. An example of this could superstition could be a sports game, say soccer. If your teammate is about to take a penalty kick, and you say “Don’t miss,” if that person misses then it will be your fault because you didn’t knock on wood. Another superstition could one that supports your team. Some people think that it is bad luck if you don’t do something crazy in order to support your team. So some fans just wear there team’s jersey, some paint letters onto their chest, some throw a big party to watch the “Big game,” and more. Honestly, I believe that supersition is stupid because it doesn’t matter what you say or the things that you do at home, but rather if that person who is kicking the pk or the team your rooting for performs well.

Outside Adventures

Today, the class of dual credit english went outside on an adventure seeking our surroundings. The sights that I discovered was red bricks, black windows, silver handrails, torn up grass that was slowly growing, some small bugs flying around my feet, a spider web behind me on the bushes, small tress, and a very bright sun. I heard things such as people talking, sounds of footsteps walking behind me, and the sound of the door opening and closing. I felt the warm and humid air with a slight little breeze against my face, and the hard red brick that I was sitting on. All and all, the day outside felt great considering all the surroundings and details.


As a child, I watched a fair amount of sports movies. I think that through these movies I was inspired to play sports and try to be the best I could possibly be. One movie that inspired me was Miracle. Miracle was an ice hockey movie based on the Winter Olympics in 1980 where USA finally managed to beat the U.S.S.R. In the movie, Herb Brooks, the coach, inspired his players to such a level that they were able to beat the world powerhouse at their own game. I think that this movie inspired to believe in anything, because this was proof that miracles can really happen. Another movie that inspired me was Glory Road. This basketball movie was based on a small basketball team down in El Paso, Texas. Battling through racism and other conflicts, this team managed to win the championship against all odds. This movie inspired to never give up no matter what the odds of winning were. Overall, movies can be a great inspiration for people if they really WATCH the movie.

Why I like Soccer

If i was given the oppurtunity to write whatever I wanted about, then I would talk about soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was 3 years old. Soccer is my way to get exercise and to stay in shape since I’m not the healthiest eater. Soccer is also where most of my friends are. I have made a lot of friends through soccer that I would of most likely not have met otherwise. I even met my girlfriend through soccer. Soccer is an awesome sport because the feeling of when you score a goal or block a shot is just overwhelming. If it weren’t for soccer today, then who knows what I would be doing or who my friends were. Soccer has shaped me into the person that I am today.

Social Media Today

The world shouldn’t focus on things like Miley Cyrus but rather important things such as stocks or new technology. Technology is a part of our daily lives because we use it for everything; Communicating, finding information, and even doing homework. But instead of using technology for something useful, we use it for trash such as Miley Cyrus’ last performance. The internet should not be used as a place for people to try to be successful in life, not to throw crazy pictures onto the internet and hope they become successful. Hopefully in the future technology will be used more efficiently.