What spooks me?

The only thing that actually scares me in a movie is when something pops out that I didn’t see coming. Usually I can predict when something is going to pop out but when I don’t I would consider it scary. Most people say they are scared of spiders and such, but rather I would say I just don’t like them.  Scary movies really aren’t scary to me anymore, only when I was smaller and younger. So nothing really spooks me that often, even when my friends try to pop out behind a wall or something I don’t even jump.



I’m tired since i had to get up at 6:45 and go through my daily routine for school, which consists of taking a shower, eating breakfast, brushing my teeth and then packing up my stuff. This routine gets boring after doing for 180 plus days, but I can’t think of another way to get through my daily routine without it being boring. I’m just really sleepy and want to go back home and lay in my bed until like 10 then get up and go to school. ZZZ.Zzzzzzzz

The 99% versus the 1%

I believe that there is nothing wrong with being the one percent, in fact I think more people should strive to be the one percent. In my opinion, I picture the one percent as the people who have worked really hard to get where there at. But there are people in the 99% that are working hard and doing really well in their lives, they just didn’t hit the jackpot moneywise, but maybe their jackpot was in their family. Talking about marathons and ironmans, less than 1% of Americans do them. This is where the one percent should be complaining that the numbers should be reversed, and 99% of people should be getting outside and active more.

Social Media

Since “Social Media” can be such a broad topic, I’m going to narrow it down to one thing; Facebook. Facebook can be a place to spread rumors or to bully others. The other side could be it’s a great way to communicate with others. Facebook is taking over younger children’s lives by consuming their time with “Selfies”, or constant updates on their status.