As a child, I watched a fair amount of sports movies. I think that through these movies I was inspired to play sports and try to be the best I could possibly be. One movie that inspired me was Miracle. Miracle was an ice hockey movie based on the Winter Olympics in 1980 where USA finally managed to beat the U.S.S.R. In the movie, Herb Brooks, the coach, inspired his players to such a level that they were able to beat the world powerhouse at their own game. I think that this movie inspired to believe in anything, because this was proof that miracles can really happen. Another movie that inspired me was Glory Road. This basketball movie was based on a small basketball team down in El Paso, Texas. Battling through racism and other conflicts, this team managed to win the championship against all odds. This movie inspired to never give up no matter what the odds of winning were. Overall, movies can be a great inspiration for people if they really WATCH the movie.


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